Mastodon for Android has been installed over 32K times! Still only 400 ratings though. Please don't forget to rate the app!

And Mastodon for iOS has been downloaded over 87K times just in the month of April alone! Those are huge numbers!

I submitted a request to Apple for the app to be featured on the App Store, would really love to see it in their "Social Networking Basics" list

@gargron why I cannot use my instance in the app? Is there a way to use a custom instance url?

@gargron @kr0n0tu I’m sorry for the confusion. I asked because I’ve downloaded the official app a few days ago and tried to search for and then no results were found. But I just downloaded the app again and it worked fine. Maybe it was a temporary glitch.. :blobthinkingeyes:

@rafael Of course there is. Enter the domain into the search field.

@gargron yes! It worked :blobcatsip: Thank you for all the hard work, I love this platform! :blobcatheart:

@Gargron can you cooperate with metatext? because metatext is really a good alternative, the native mastodon app lacks some functions e.g. i can not use mastodon . social on it

@Gargron I agree that Mastodon should get featured on the App Store.

@Gargron what technical challenges would there be for someone who knows swift ui to just fork the iPad app and make a Mac one. Is it something that was considered and deemed not feasible or just something that you just did not bother looking at ?

@Gargron this was a good nudge. I seldom leave app reviews. I took the time to leave a writeup on the Apple app store.

@Gargron is there a proper place to ask for improved behavior for iPad in horizontal mode? With that configuration, there’s a main column timeline taking 3/4 of screen and a smaller 1/4 area on the right that often has things I want to see in the main view. In particular, when I was setting things up, the main 3/4 window was blank until I started following people so the initial experience was poor. I’m mostly using Metatext now so not a big deal overall.

@Gargron like pavement once wrote : it's a brand new era, and it feels great ....

@Gargron Great numbers, I’m one of them. The app is really smooth and I look forward to reading about how you iterate on it going forward.

Keep up the great experience 😀

@Gargron Honestly I hope for good retention numbers! Great that people are checking the service out and downloading the app, creating accounts. I hope they all stick around!

@Gargron would be nice if the iOS app allowed switching between local and federated

@nick @Gargron It's in the works, but it will take a few days minimum

@nick @Gargron The app still hasn't been merged in the F-Droid repo yet, so don't expect to happen soon 🙏 And as @fdroidorg is run by volunteers it may take some time and that's totally normal ;)

Nordnick, apparently something as trivial as the requirement of JDK 17 is a showstopper for them and now we gotta wait approximately one eternity for them to update the Debian image for their CI container... Because, of course, downloading a .deb file with prebuilt OpenJDK and installing it as part of the build script is also a non-starter, for reasons.

I didn't download it from #Google, I downloaded it from #FDroid via @IzzyOnDroid 's repo.

FDroid doesn't having the ability to rate apps.

@PhotonQyv @gargron @IzzyOnDroid on UK Google Play it has only *just* appeared on searches for "mastodon social network" in last few days (although I had installed it before via a link tooted from here)

@Gargron Hope to see it on @fdroidorg soon so more folks can try it out. Oddly, didn't see a Request For Packaging yet:

@downey @Gargron @fdroidorg It is a shame for (the developers of) an app that created to free us from the power of corporations , that these same corporations have been chosen as the only (so far) distribution channel....

@miklo @downey @fdroidorg It is a shame that F-Droid is keeping us waiting for 2+ weeks, all the while we have to answer to all of these demands for the app to be added to F-Droid!

@Gargron @miklo @downey @fdroidorg I understand that this waiting time might be long, but fdroid are volunteers, so it might take some time, but in the end it will work !

@Gargron @miklo @downey @fdroidorg In the meantime if you do not want to wait that extra time, you can also get it on the repo of @IzzyOnDroid

Get it there? It was available in my repo even days before it was listed on PlayStore 🙃
@Gargron @miklo @downey @fdroidorg

That reminds me, do you plan to open an FDroid compatible repository, like what Guardian Apps does?

@Gargron @miklo @fdroidorg I guess announcing it's available before it's fully available wasn't such a great idea 😆

@miklo @Gargron @downey @fdroidorg
Yeah but even if that's possible, that's not what most users would do :) The main fdroid repo is still a source of higher visibility.

Maybe we can keep the shaming down a bit? If the tech doesn't allow it, the F-Droid team has no magic wand to make it appear. It cannot be built with the current setup, if I understood correctly. And it's being worked on. Luckily you didn't use Xamarin... Or Qt. Those 2 would have made it even more complicated... I hope I have mitigated that a bit by listing the app in my repo immediately.
@miklo @downey @fdroidorg

@IzzyOnDroid @miklo @downey @fdroidorg Please see the use of the word shame in the post preceding mine.

@Gargron Yes, sorry – I meant it in general. It wasn't your choice to have it on G first (well, it was in my repo first anyhow 🤪) – and not the choice of the F-Droid team to delay the publication there. So let's focus on positive things: you built the app and made it available – and we all do our best supporting you as you support us. Together we're a big winning team! :awesome: @miklo @downey @fdroidorg

@miklo @downey @Gargron @fdroidorg You just need to wait a some days for it to hopefully appear on fdroid 😃

@downey @Arco @Gargron @fdroidorg @apps Of course... There are so many good apps. But since this one is supposed to be a "flagship", "official" one can (should?) have slightly higher requirements towards it.

@miklo Yes I understand and it's indeed unfortunate that it is taking a little bit longer :(

@downey @miklo @Gargron @fdroidorg @apps Yes indeed and there is also @Tusky That's the advantage of mastodon, you can choose your prefered client and there are plenty of great options to choose to wait until your desired one gets published 😉

Also, Eugen always did his best to help app developers. Maybe why people have the choice with apps now.
@downey @miklo @Gargron @fdroidorg @Tusky

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