The new website delivered by @oakstudios is live (has been for a little while, actually, but I've been working on it still). I think it's the best it's ever been. Check out the branding and about pages too!

@stux @oakstudios Okay, I've disabled filtering by browser language by default for now.

@Gargron @stux @oakstudios Thanks! I would have gotten 0 servers with the filter on.

Small layout bug: The labels for the apps don't fit, e.g. the text for "Whalebird" is too long to fit the button.

@Gargron Do we have to submit a new application to get on the server list?

@Gargron Oh, wait, it’s filtered by language, got it.
Would it be possible to have an instance be dual-language?

@Gargron @oakstudios
Tried it here on an Android with Firefox Klar and doesn't seem to operate like intended...

@Gargron - Will there be some kind of combined Mastodon logo that shows it as part of the Fediverse?

+ @oakstudios

@Gargron @oakstudios on mobile the columbs in the "why mastodon?" and "what our users are saying" are too small

@Gargron @oakstudios should have said earlier but it happens when javascript is disabled, when it's enabled it's how it's supposed to look. Firefox 104.2.0, samsung galaxy a12

I get this with js on but on mobile (jelly browser, lineageos 14.1).
@Gargron @oakstudios

@Gargron "It's good software" :phpbb_mrgreen:

thank you @halcy for this wonderful testimonial xD

@halcy @nilsding @Gargron "I love my raccoon community, thank you mastodon!"

@Gargron @oakstudios I couldn't agree more!!! It's awesome 🔥🔥🔥

@Gargron @oakstudios On my phone the site is in half english half german - is there some kind of localization mismatch? browser language is german

@Gargron @oakstudios

Looks great! And emphasizes the advantages of Mastodon that I think are most relevant to the general public.

@gargron Irgendwie ist der MIC aus deutschen Überschriften und englischen Sätzen eigenartig. Das sollte behoben werden.

@Gargron @davidak kinda laggy when first scrolling on the home page with Firefox 104.1.0 on Android. Also, why still no F-Droid builds?:(

@Gargron @oakstudios why are there so many Casino sites on the page? Are these sponsors?

@Gargron @oakstudios Congrats, looks really nice and arguments are convincing as always.

One suggestion: "The best way to get started with Mastodon is through our official apps..."
I would prefer to change that to a more humble line like: "The obvious way to get started...."
Just because the official apps (however good they are) might not be the objectively the best way for everyone.

@Gargron @oakstudios I'm missing the Mastodon intro video, it was really good. I found it on Peertube, but would be nice to have it at

@Gargron @oakstudios looks really good! The german translations could use some improvements imho.

@Gargron @oakstudios thanks for the amazing work, Eugen. I just did the 100% translation for German. It would be very nice if you could merge and deploy it in a timely manner.
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