towards a computational model of humanities scholars needlessly quoting deleuze

pretty sure you could model it with a simple procedure stating "every ten paragraphs or so, insert text 'Indeed, according to Deleuze,' followed by a random sentence from Thousand Plateaus or whatever"

@aparrish To be fair, I'm sure that injecting a random quote from Deluze into the middle of a seemingly-unrelated essay is probably more likely to improve said essay than a quote from a less discursive thinker (say, Marx). So, defensible on effort-saving grounds!

@enkiv2 true. I also deeply empathize with the underlying phatic purpose of these quotes, which is the same as the constant howl of my own heart: "please love me, please acknowledge that I know what I'm talking about, please"

and of all the people you *could* quote to do that, Deluze is one of the most entertaining. (Maybe Baudrillard or Nietzsche or Wittgenstein could compete, but Deluze is, paradoxically, hipper *and* safer.) People used to quote the classics for this and I'm glad that time is over.

@edsu @aparrish An Ouroboros of Digital and Humanities.

(actually, I'm cheating, that's an actual article)

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