No matter which social network you're on, following a diverse group of people helps you taking a peek at the other side of your personal filter bubble.

You don't have to agree with everything and everyone, but please, at least try to listen to people and their opinions.

It will help you appreciate your own life, and may just make you a little wiser.

@fribbledom this is so true!

I've learnt so much since I started diversifying my follows.

same here!
I'm wondering how to support this by software design.
Since there is the federated timeline, ones stream is just one click away from diversity.
Yet I don't like to use it much in it's *current* design.
What is bothering me, that it's difficult to find, what I'm wanting to listen the most to. And it is, what has a significant importance to the one posting it. I want to listen to their opinion on things that really matters to them...1/

...but I don't want to listen to everything. I also obvious can't.
Which in it's current design leads towards listening to those that write 'the most' or being more reboosted, will be the once drawing my attention.

I've shared here some thoughts how this could be changed:
(feedback aprichiated)


@paulfree14 @maloki @fribbledom Sometimes, perhaps regularly, pick a letter in the alphabet and focus attentively for a time period, even 10 minutes on just reading and perhaps developing empathy from one of the people you follow, or one of the people followed by someone who follows you, or a follower of someone who you follow. Next time pick another letter of the alphabet, another person who has toots and replies that are visible. Sort of daystalking with no malicious intent. @Dassinger Aloha.

@paulfree14 @maloki @fribbledom Interesting. I tend to Star and also reshare the better among many comments I view. If many people do this then it forms a meritocracy of peer-elevated postings. True, those with many followers have a far greater likelihood of some of their own posts being more visible, upranked.

@paulfree14 @maloki @fribbledom ... in part...
Let's imagine for the moment the timeline as it were a gathering. Since I'm following +700 ppl I imagine it would be a gathering in that size.

And how can suggestions to those answers be implemented within the fediverse?
...share at least those info with a wider audience that has a significant high value/importance/relevance/desire for them to be listened to by others.]..
The purely chronological timeline is doing this to some extend.

Thanks for the reminder! While being a goal of mine, I absolutely should do that more


Thanks, but I feel great in my filter bubble ;-)

@fribbledom This is so true!! It’s so important to learn about other points of view!!

@fribbledom I'm wary of this kind of posts because sometimes they mean "you should listen to bigoted opinions" (Homophobia, racism, etc...)

But you probably don't mean that.


No, I really don't mean that! Do not follow assholes by any means!

But explore the unknown, get to know people from other regions and of various cultures in the world. Open up and embrace other opinions, life-styles and choices!

@fribbledom Hey as long as your not using diverse to mean what third generation SJWs call diverse, then sure diversity all the way.

@fribbledom not really. On FB and Birdsite there are simply too many astroturf accounts. Curate your feed carefully there. Find better ways to see what other people are using for information.

@RandomDamage I didn't say "follow random idiots". When it comes to diversity, though, Birdsite is big enough to be as diverse as it gets.

@fribbledom the challenge is following people who disagree with you *and* have a sense of editorial integrity.

No matter what your personal philosophy, those people are rare.

Better to just read HuffPo and The Federalist if you need some diversity and aren't hanging out with a diverse group in meatspace.

@fribbledom I actually like that Diaspora* gets me in contact with some pretty hardcore right-wingers for this reason.

@kephasp @fribbledom I'd LOVE to be able to have some conversations with such folk. How can I possibly defend my position if I am unwilling to understand the opposing view? Sadly last time I tried that was on Gab. It.. ended poorly.

I have democratic ideology flowing in my veins.!!

@fribbledom No word is more appropriate than "TOTALLY!" - My goal is to move away from the useless parade of self-promotional exhibitionism on Instagram, the sharing memes of Facebook, and the... well you get it. Let's get into the further reaches of the galaxy!

@fribbledom When I lecture from time to time at UBC something I like about it is the chance to give a differing perspective to students. Not The True One. Not claiming to be the representative of any specific group. But to provide a concrete example of a distinctly different perspective. Not better or worse. Different.
Because. Unquestioned their perspective is NOT the only one in the world. That lesson seems valuable. To me at least.

@fribbledom Jack at needs to read this, instead he bans people his world view does not agree with, like James Woods.

@davidanasco @fribbledom
i agree that Jack could use more of this perspective but woods is definitely still on Twitter

@fribbledom I agree in practice, although here we are getting into the philosophy of what a social network *should be*.

Shouldn't social networks strictly facilitate and reflect real-life social networks and all that that entails? The moment we start nudging people toward being their best selves -- away from tribalism, embrace other cultures -- we are making and enforcing value judgments on a natural system that evolved over millions of years.

And if not, who does the deciding and enforcing?

@masyukun @fribbledom

> The moment we start nudging people toward being their best selves -- away from tribalism, embrace other cultures -- we are making and enforcing value judgments on a natural system that evolved over millions of years.

LMAO kick him

@masyukun i am not serious.

It didn't evolve in millions of years, we've lived with internet for a few decades.

Naturalistic fallacy, obviously. And there are plenty of reasons to disdain tribalism. It allows for dehumanization of others and thus violence.

Also it is simultaniously "nudging" and "enforcing" pick one..

@masyukun @fribbledom hmm do think there is a concern;

Some of the uses i see suggest more intimacy(using the word loosely) and others more a general forum.

In some ways this is all very public and intimacy is very visible.. It's probably okey, if you want something which is really for a tight-ish knit group.

@fribbledom I try to do this within normal bounds. For sanity sake have to filter out the fringes on both sides...

@fribbledom I think this is true but the ability to do this depends on the diversity available on the network itself. i'd like to "follow" people who don't use computers at all.

@fribbledom this sounds neat and all, but not exactly practical when you're trans and/or LGBTQ+ or something that often faces endless harassment in social networks. Even if I find something unique or inspiring, I don't want to have to wade through thousands of opinions about how I don't deserve to exist to get it.

@fribbledom I feel like this is only possible on a site that explicitly removes any participants who are y'know actual fucking Nazis.

@imsimong I'm really not suggesting to follow random assholes online. But if you join another social network just to stay in the same circle of friends you already got elsewhere, you're gaining nothing.

@fribbledom I think that's easier with a curated network is all I mean. I'm happy that I can literally pull up any instance and find folks to interact with (like you for example)!!!

This is cool and better that the birdie

@fribbledom @imsimong
social networks don't have to be exclusively a mass communication tool tho

some people just wanna move to a fedi house and invite their friends to chill instead of staying at the twitter highrise with its leaky roofs, lead paint, and exploding septic tank that management refuses to fix

@multiple_creatures @fribbledom

I'm here for that too! Public (ideological and literal) Housing for everybody!

@fribbledom wise sentiments.
do people have the time? or have the time but feel as if not?

..or is it that there's something in the way data operates, the speed, that might induce a feeling of being harried? move on, move on.. and inevitably, listen less?

@fribbledom Oh god don't do this "if you are truly open-minded, you will befriend people who want to see you dead/burning in hell" bullshit

@revereche I've never said you should go and befriend assholes.

@fribbledom Without context, it's really hard to tell what you're getting at with this. I see this wording used to push tolerance for Nazis and violent homophobes a lot.

@revereche @fribbledom this person is literally just saying to not be in an echochamber and the fact that yalls first reaction is to get defensive is kinda telling

@nicholas @fribbledom ...Kinda telling that I'm defensive about being told to tolerate people wanting me to burn in hell. Yes.

@fribbledom I agree with the sentiment, however chaos social sometimes feels like a comfortable filter bubble too.

@fribbledom I agree, this is the best strategy for developing a healthy, broad perspective: source a wealth of competing opinions.

This works, however, only when the will for civil debate is mutual. It's a symbiotic process.

I have tried no end to reason with people on twitter, FB.

I think the way a social network is modulated deeply affects discourse on it.

Twitter is marginally better than FB, allowing a civil society to exist. But many abuse it to reinforce their ego, and hurl insults. 🤔

@fribbledom at least when you have tried to fully understand someone elses viewpoint you can say no or yes more clearly

@fribbledom In the same vein: If someone with different views to you follows you, try not to knee-jerk block them if you can. Some may be employing the above and want to learn, grow, empathize, and understand.

@fribbledom Meh. I know what their opinions are. I’ve heard them 1000 times. They don’t change. I could sound like them if I wanted to. So why would I need to expose myself to more?

@fribbledom exactly! some ppl just don’t want a variety of different opinions on their timeline.

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