An unbiased guide to find the right Linux distribution for you:

@franzi @fribbledom yeah, need a "do you hate standard filesystem layout" and then a nixos arrow

@fribbledom ah so you’re saying i should be using arch linux instead of using some distro like “arch linux” or something

@fribbledom You forgot Manjaro for newbies and those not looking to mess with a bunch of settings.

Otherwise, right on. Manjaro and Arch are the two only operating systems I recommend.

@fribbledom hmm I'm seeing a pattern but I can't quite put my finger on it...

@fribbledom To push the joke a little bit more, I would have put a "tired of compiling everything because of Gentoo ? ---> :archlinux: Arch Linux" :)

@fribbledom 🤔 I guess as a Debian user I'm going to stick with it then...

@fribbledom I love your guide 😍 It's so helpful for finding the right distribution 👍 I'm using Arch btw.


Ein gaaanz kleines bisschen ketzerisch. Aber nur ein gaaanz kleines bisschen ...

@fribbledom Noone actually needs GNU anymore. Use some other core utils, build with LLVM, and you're fine already. Or just . :)

@fribbledom actually my reason to leave arch was "i like to get things done" lol

btw i use Parabola GNU/Linux-libre with OpenRC or something

@fribbledom I believe you have misspelled the distro name. It should have been "NixOS".

@fribbledom Funny, I first went through the flow honestly, wondering if it would take me to my chosen distro, and it did. Then I looked at other potential paths and noticed. =)

Do you hate yourself?
├→Yes→Arch Linux

Uhmmm, Ubuntu is hating your self afterwards. When all of the shizzle is hacked due to software in snaps that is insecurre you will appreciate a distro like arch
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