abortion convo, us pol 

I got interviewed for this piece. My quotes didn't make it in BUT I love how Jo centered BIPOC trans folks in this story.


Suspended a user today for anti-blackness

Have some self-awareness, new friends

If a Black person is talking about their experience of harassment on Fedi as a Black person

And you, a white person, drop into their mentions to tell them that they're not doing it politely enough for your tastes

That's racism, and you don't get a warning before I close your account

Discussion of sexuality/acephobia 

It’s not even that asexuals should be “included” under the queer umbrella, it’s that asexual perspectives are a vital missing element of canonical queer theory—influenced, as it was (and still is), by psychoanalysis and the related assumptions that desire is the fundamental “ur-drive” intrinsic to all human nature. It’s left radical theory limited in its ability to imagine non-desiring subjectivity, or entirely new ways of of being and relating & doing sexuality

history of disability podcast 

my friend John, who has cerebral palsy, has been running a storytelling podcast for the last couple of years - last year he put out a 3-part history of disability and i'd be really interested to hear the thoughts of disabled folks on the fediverse

it's about 2 hours running time in total - big CW for discussion of ableism and generally upsetting content



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