I don’t think I’ve posted photos of the punk pants I’ve been working on, ch-check it out

they started as “artfully distressed” jeans I got from goodwill, but as I wore them the holes in them kept getting bigger and more busted-looking. I’m using patches to cover up all the holes first, then I’m gonna wrap around to the other side of the pants with patches when that’s done. they fit my legs like a glove, are totally unique and will hopefully scare the shit out of some normies✨

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let's all get into patches the way we're all into enamel pins. let's make repairing clothes instead of throwing them away the hottest new thing. i'm cranking my Trendsetter Powers up to max here

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@irisjaycomics you can only put so many pins on a jacket or bag, but look at all that patch real estate.

@BestGirlGrace OTHER PROS:
- like stickers but cooler
- it's ok if you're shit at sewing like I am, it actually looks like a conscious punk rock aesthetic decision
- support local artists and silkscreen printers
- it is also hella easy to make patches yourself if that's your jam

@irisjaycomics Right? Plus, like, patches are Big. You can actually see them from a distance!

@irisjaycomics Patches kick butt and I got into block printing so I could make my own last fall!

@irisjaycomics My last job gave us jackets and work-related patches (we gave them to our students as rewards and were encouraged to show off) so I ended up with a jacket with nearly 40 patches on it. It is fabulous and my students always wanted to interact with it.

@comicsbyemily that's a SUPER cool idea! i bet those kids were so psyched to get patches!!

@irisjaycomics Oh yeah, they were pretty happy to earn them! Especially because they'd been eyeing my jacket for weeks by then.
(The only trouble I had was kids grabbing at my torso area a tad roughly, so many kids struggle with physical boundaries)

@irisjaycomics did I tell you about how supposedly in the UK a lot of crust punks cover their pants with jam to get them to stiffen up

I’ve read about this more than once so I am assuming it’s true

@itsnero @irisjaycomics Oi, we're gettin' together at me mum's place to make jammy britches if you wanna come with

@irisjaycomics those are AMAZING. where did you get that triangle patch on your left hip, i love it :0

@jude_ it was a custom patch my friend Wren painted for me on a camping trip a few years ago!

@irisjaycomics it's beautiful, they did an amazing job 🖤

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