about 4 days ago i had this incredibly stupid musical idea and it keep hearing it in my head. it won't go away

so i've had to actually create it

i present to you: the

@not_on_pizza @jk Can confirm. I'll never listen to that song the same way ever again.

@jk ELEANOR RIGBY uses THE ENNUI OF LIVERPUDLIAN EXISTENCE. It's SUPER EFFECTIVE (Love this, Josef, it fits wonderfully!)


Loved that zig zag thing during "look at all the lonely people"

@jk Dou you have a soundcloud permalink or something for this?

@jk JK please, have less good ideas you're hogging all the Good Ideas from the rest of us.


What software did you use to produce this?

Thanks for sharing.

@jk I just had to stop myself from whistling it THRICE.

Noooo... @RussSharek why are you making me go through this againnn!
(Ok, sure it was me who clicked the video again... I see that. Yeah...)
💚 @jk

@jk oh no I got distracted while making lunch and thought up lyrics

Eleanor Rigby, picks up the loot in the woods where she made her last kill,
+ 1000 gil,
building up specials, wielding the mace which she keeps in the back of her pack,
it makes a good 'thwack'...

@jk This has no business working as well as it does.

@jk congratulations, you made a Beatles song better

@jk I can just imagine Reimu smacking down Wriggle Nightbug as I listen.

@jk This was actually well-received over here by the resident gaming community and deemed "good" just now by a quorum of 2 currently gathered in attendance out of 3 members total.

Also, Z says something something something Battle Theme from Pokémon Red, irony because its Thing is "that you could play it with your friends".

cc: @Harena

@jk now i want a video game made out of incredibly stupid and wonderful music ideas. this is a boss battle, the "bad romance in minor" is the item seller... there's got to be an overworld theme somewhere

You're a legend for this. Totally made my day haha

@jk that's really good mate. I'm going to have that stuck in my head for ages.

@jk wow

I'm here for the whole Yellow Submarine CRPG actually


Epic! Now I want to play an 8-bit side-scroller starring the Beatles.

@jk I can totally see 8-bit Eleanor Rigby with a face in a jar

lb: mostly boosted because i listened to it a while ago and loved it and want to listen again when i can

@jk i love this, eleanor rigby is such a good song

@jk PkMn Trainer Elenor wants to BATTLE! (seriously tho this is beautiful ty for sharing!)

body horror? 

@jk If she wins she gets to keep your face in a jar by the door

@jk sounds like a boss fight against a shapeshifting swirly vaporous clawy monster in a dungeon while getting chased by an swarm of heat-seeking fiery minions, I dig !

@jk yep, that is definitely 100% what that is. great job 😂

@jk Eleanor Rigby throws the FACE SHE KEEPS IN THE JAR BY THE DOOR directly at you!

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