So my daughter has bought a large neon sign that says GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS from the local junk yard. Apparently it was in a Jackie Chan movie. She says it’s part of her long term plan to open a bar for introverts and quiet lesbians.

Meanwhile our house is bathed in its pink and orange glow and we are all pretty happy about this.

So if you say "girls girls girls" three times (total 9x girls) a quiet lesbian arrives, looks at you with mute disdain, and leaves

@cathal @verycarapesque

I read this out to her. You’ve hit the jackpot: the quiet lesbian bar is a cover for deep magic.

@katebowles are you sure the sign isn't from an old Beastie Boy's video? LOL.

@Sylvhem I’ll take a picture of it for you tonight. I think it has to be dark for the full astonishment to show itself. Our house glows like a spaceship. A spaceship for quiet lesbians.

@katebowles @Lexi I’m jealous of this aesthetic. My living room is presently bathed in the after-smell of a poorly thought out fry up and the orange glow of the last sodium vapour lamp in the street.
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