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@micahflee this is really a nice thing but I hoped that it's just a web app for Tor browser. I'm not sure it's possible though.

@charlag who would host the web app? The magic of OnionShare is that it's peer-to-peer, you don't have to trust any third party to host anything for you. You host it yourself on your own computer

@micahflee sorry, I was unclear: I imagined I would just open a Tor browser with, perhaps, extension, drop a a file and share a link, without installing the app. Obviously it should be p2p.

@charlag ahh, I see. Yeah that would be pretty cool, if OnionShare were a Tor Browser add-on

@micahflee it should be a part of Tor Browser is you ask me but maybe it doesn't

@charlag unfortunately it wouldn't be trivial to port OnionShare to be a Tor Browser add-on because it uses an entirely different tech stack. OnionShare is written in python3 with Qt5 for the GUI

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