I was fired last week by Google for organizing. All I did was make a popup to share the labor notice Google has to share with its workers.

3 hours later mgmt came to my desk, took my phone/laptop, escorted me away. I never got to say goodbye.

My story:


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To be fair what she did was misuse her priviledges.
You can't just insert some JS with a political statement into a product that everyone at $company uses and expect to not get fired.

While I don't agree with anti-unionizing efforts from google, in this case I think her firing was justified.

@bn4t she sent a CL (equivalent to sending a pull request on GitHub). That CL still needed to be approved by the owners of the code in question. She was essentially fired for *suggesting* this change. That's ridiculous.

Also, what she specifically added was a warning when you went to the IRI Consultants site that sending certain information to that site was illegal. That was very much in line with the purpose of the tool she was suggesting changes to.

@nex3 The "don't be evil" motto from Google seems like ancient history. Google is an ugly monopolist that mistreats their employees. I think it won't be long before employees feel embarrassed to tell that they work for Google.

@ericbuijs @nex3 Going to play devil's advocate on this one, but while Google might be required to post legal notices, the *manner* in which this employee did it *could* constitute unauthorized access to corporate resources.

If I tried a stunt like this at Intel, I would be promptly walked too.

@nex3 @ericbuijs Here's what I don't understand.

If there is so much damn discontent at Google, why do people still work for them? Why haven't people quit en-masse and formed a competing start-up? If several key teams did that, not only would it hurt Google's bottom line, but then we would have a serious competitor to Google.

It's not like Google has that many tangible products, almost everything could be replicated by someone else.

@nex3 @ericbuijs Contrasting this to my experiences at Intel, we do not have the same employee discontent, yet our work force is about as large as theirs.

I would suggest most of Google's employees would be happier working for us, because Intel actually seems to care about its employees (based on my 9 years working for them)

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