YSK: We moved the compose button, we did not remove the ability to post from web browsers (and never will).

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@drq @pixelfed Yeah, I thought that too. That's usually the pattern in every UI.

@pixelfed it doesn't work on mobile anymore though. Not sure if that was on purpose or not. The "New Post" link doesn't work after clicking the compose button.

@Dashtop idk. it's been months at this point and since I don't want to upload photos from my phone to my computer to share them, I'm probably just going to delete my pixelfed account. Nothing against dansup, pixelfed is overall impressive; it just fails to deliver for me every time I go to the webpage on my phone and attempt to tap new post only to realize it's a dead link. I thought maybe I'd been shadow banned? but I hardly post and nothing objectionable as far as I can tell.

@danie10 I have FB blocked via DNS on this Mac and once in a while I see a "can't access site" and it's a link that I didn't notice was FB. I'm annoyed with local govt that uses FB exculsively for events. It's wrong.

@danie10 @randulo It's stupid that people rely on Facebook as their main communication method. I've lost touch with a lot of people when I canceled my Facebook account because of that. I think more people will leave Facebook if they ever take the time to read the TOS. It's terrible for privacy.

@danie10 @flav Just as WebRTC video conferences are done with a link, some parallel chat service that requires no account would be ideal.

@danie10 @flav Did you see the lastest thing about a potential deal WhatsApp/Google, free cloud backup in exchange for "indexing" WA attachments for facial recog? If that came to pass, it's not cool.

@danie10 @randulo Unfortunately I still have to stick with WhatsApp because people are not willing to install another app. Many are saying they have nothing to hide. I had to tell my brother he can only call me on Signal in order to make him install the app.

@flav @danie10 Yes, I have family that have to have it for other family. But the idea of nothing to hide, is for me specious. I'm less worried about privacy. My gripe is enabling FB with all the data. They've already proven they can not be trusted and have been responsible for harm to humans in several ways.

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