Admins can now enable Auto Follow support!

More exciting updates to announce soon! πŸŽ‰

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@pixelfed Hi there! As a #blind screen reader user, I would really appreciate it if you'd take the time to #captionyourimages as it would really help with #accessibility
And it's not just people like me who appreciate them either, it's users on low bandwidth or metered connections who don't want to load the full res picture, those with #autism who sometimes find the context helpful, the huge percentage of those with preexisting visual impairments [#VI] which includes many people over 55 ETC.
It doesn't have to be anything incredibly detailed or artfully written, but something is nearly always better than nothing. I believe that their is even an option to automatically #OCR images now which should give you a head start.

@Superfreq @pixelfed Good points. For the record, the image is a screenshot of the settings screen of the mentioned admin feature with the following text (thanks to my tablet's OCR, since 's OCR is broken):

Auto Follow Accounts
Enable auto follow accounts, new accounts will follow accounts you set.



Add account usernames to follow separated by commas.

@GidiKroon @pixelfed Thank you very much for doing that! It's appreciated. :)

@Superfreq @pixelfed There is also the @PleaseCaption bot: when you follow it, it will remind you, when you've accidentally forgotten to provide a caption to your image.

#Accessibility #Caption

@janriemer @Superfreq @pixelfed @PleaseCaption It would be more useful with an ICaptionedIt bot - my Android doesn't do that - yet?

@sigaard What do you mean by "ICaptionedit bot"? Sorry, I don't know, what that is.πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

@janriemer I mean a bot that does the actual captioning and not merely points out that there isn't any captioning present.

@sigaard Ah, yes, that would be really useful. πŸ‘
Thank you for the explanation.

πŸ€” But if there is a bot who has learned to caption one should also integrate that into screenreader applications in case a caption is missing. :thinkception:

@Superfreq #ImageDescription for @pixelfed's original post is as follows:
Screenshot of pixelfed's new Auto Follow Accounts settings: An enabled checkbox setting for "Auto Follow Accounts" described as "Enable auto follow accounts, new accounts will follow accounts you set."
Beneath it is a text area titled "Accounts" with "dansup, pixelfed" as placeholder text, with below it the description "Add account usernames to follow separated by commas."

@FiXato @pixelfed Awesome! Thanks so much for stepping up to the plate and doing that. I appreciate it.

Hi ! Discovering this new feature : will people on the instance be able to then unfollow the specific accounts set by the admin ? πŸ‘ˆπŸΎ

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