Beyond Photos.

While photo sharing remains our main focus, we are exploring new ways to share on our platform.

Our next release (this Friday) will contain Groups, Polls and Text Posts!

To those users who are not interested in these features, you will be able to disable them in your home timeline! Give me the ability to turn off suggested posts. I don't want to look at pixelfeds suggestions.

@grishka @pixelfed We should talk sometime, I'd like to make them compatible with Smithereen!


why is it that now it only shows the eight newest pictures, and all the older ones just disappear from profile?

@pixelfed Is this in place of circles?

(I found the concept of circles, when I googled for a way to limit who sees a post to friends and family)

@pixelfed didn’t you guys briefly experiment with a Tumblr-like interface that you eventually nixed?

What happened to that, and are these new changes going to disappear like that did?

@pixelfed how i can delete a picture from my account?

I can't find any option or any button to delete one or more images from my pixelfed account. Any suggestion?

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