folks they should call this "the danger zone" because of the number of "log ins" (loggins)

It's log in or log in friend you either log in. Or you log in

@revenant log in with Facebook (blue) or log in with… what's that shade of orange? CrunchyRoll?
@revenant one of these login buttons tells the truth, the other always lies
@greyhound @revenant well it's saying it's a login button so we can conclude it does not do that

perhaps it opens a FaceTime call with your mom

@VyrCossont @revenant no please! She would tell me again all about the gossip in the supermarket...

And sorry, was a reference to the Labyrinth movie 😁 I always remember it on these ' one of us tell the truth ' situations

@revenant when the website is covertly profiling which of its users are tops

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