Hey , you know everything you buy from Decathlon has a long-range UHF RFID tag on it, and I have a reader with 10m range?

145 unique tags scanned from a quick walk around the Milliways area.

@russss Now that's next level tracking! Thanks for bringing this to our attention :)

@russss Wenn are you leaving? I'd like to check my gear.

@russss I cut it each time I bought something at Decathlon.

@morganmii @russss
better to cut it bevor buying, and then not buying but stilll taking. 🙂

@russss @LienRag that's cool I'll Ask at work if we can test with long range antena


Can you tell me which frequency they use?

This will get very interesting. I heard people saying, that Decathlon deactivates the tags when you leave, and I thought them to be very short range. But both assumptions don't seem reliable now. oO

@bg 868MHz ISM band in the EU, 915MHz in the US.

The "deactivation" on purchase happens by setting a flag in a database rather than deactivating the tag.

There a textile label, thicker and less flexible than normal textile with bar codes.
Cut the label with Scissors.

@russss Those tags still work after the product is bought? so they're not anti-theft devices which are deactivated when paid for?

@Hippolyte they are anti-theft but they're also used for inventory control. They are marked as purchased in a database once the product is checked out, rather than physically deactivated.

@Hippolyte @russss additionally these tags are used to scan your products at checkout. You put them in a box, so the cashier doesn't need to scan a Barcode of every single one.

@dadosch @russss Yeah, I was wondering whether they'd use the same tag as anti-theft.

@russss I always cut the tag off, but thought they somehow kill it at checkout... this gives me ideas

@russss Holy shit this is ugly. Great work putting it to the test! I'd like to know if the range can be boosted akin to bluetooth sniping. How can affected customers find and disable these hidden beacons?

@mplammers the best commercial readers can read ~400 tags/sec at 25m range.

Tags can be cut out and they're usually quite obvious.

@russss do you have any recommendation for home use? i.e. if I wanted to scan my immediate surroundings from time to time to check for tags?

@amenthes not really, the long range readers are quite expensive, although sometimes you can get a good deal on eBay

@russss *stands up, grabs a scissor and walks into the basement*. Awesome find there!

@russss is that a one series NordicID Merlin?

@ao yup, I actually borrowed it from someone but you can get Chinese USB reader/writers for £50 from AliExpress.

@russss Yeah, I have an ACR122U, it's very useful for doing things in close range, but a long range reading sounds super interesting.

@russss just to clarify: these tags identify the individual item, not the product? So two of the same product (like, two pairs of socks) should have different, unique IDs?

@mmcm I'm still working my way though the monstrous EPC specifications but I believe the tag ID contains the manufacturer, product code, and product serial number

@mmcm so two pairs of socks will have the same product code but different serial numbers

@russss great, that means if I install a mid-range reader next to the river in Grenoble, I can generate workout/travel profiles for half the town. 🙈

@russss Thanks for letting us know!

A bag I've been travelling with a lot has such a tag inside and I never noticed.

Will never buy anything there again :flan_angry:

Blurring isn't of much use if you provide a hint about the font, sadly.

@kaiyou yeah I know - I was tired and I'm fairly sure the tags displayed on screen are mine anyway :)

To be honest, there's a dashed line that shows where to cut. This tag makes clothing uncomfortable, so I always cut it out, without even knowing that it's an RFID tag... Good to know anyway, thanks! Now I know exactly, how the self service in Decathlon works, where you simply put the stuff in the bin without scanning it.

@sp6mr yeah, the self-checkout is what started me looking at this! (I don't go to physical stores much it turns out...)

With larger camping gear the tag is less noticeable/annoying. Clearly not everyone cuts them out if I found 145 tags!

Also apparently in shoes, the tags are hidden *under the insole*.

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