Before we get all 'The Sky is Falling' with Alt-Right knuckleheads migrating to specific instances that cater to them, remember:

1. The block feature actually works here and should be used liberally if you see bad faith arguers or worse.

2. Instance-level personal blocks can be executed on the web client by going to the user, opening the additional […] menu and clicking 'Hide all from this instance'.

3. Petition your local moderating team to ban and suspend instances outright. We'll listen!

@tahajin id say "blocks actually work here" is eeeehhhhh not entirely accurate (at the very least it's not consistent and often doesn't work as expected)

iirc instance level personal blocks are basically equivalent to "mute all" and not "block all", and somehow mute + block has more effect than just block

but yeah server-side suspends seem to work as expected usually

@tahajin oh but also personal instance blocks also force accounts from that instance to unfollow you but iirc doesn't stop them from seeing you so it's some other weird third thing between block and mute and fucking mastodon

@tahajin I like to add that if you see bad faith arguers (and especially if worse), to let your local moderation team know.

We can only act on what we see, and most teams are happy to take out bad people for everyone.

And yes, reports work here, so use them please!

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