proposed laptop sticker, boost if you think it's worth me tidying up and printing

*where* I can get it printed, don't know yet. Preferably somewhere local here in London, but don't think I want to blow £50 on hundreds of the buggers

Now thinking about the followup "you can't call it 'dairy free' if you're just drinking from other people's cows" but the prospect of having to explain it to random members of the public does not appeal

@telent@mastodon.socialIf you get a batch done let me know and I'll take one (I'm also in London)

@telent Just checked with This company: Looking at about £15 for 10 printed on paper, and £50 for 10 printed on vinyl (+ delivery)

@telent would you consider using a ∄ for "there does not exist" ?

@egrasmed on aesthetic grounds alone, it'll balance up the whitespace much better

@telent The name is pretty dumb, but it's still a useful concept.

“Take this piece of code, and run it wherever your want, in as many copies as you want, with the load-balancing you want, as long as queries for the right FQDN get to it”

@solarkraft @telent On somebody else's computer (or on mine, if I'm using my own FaaS setup).

Not much difference with the rest of the cloud-y stuff. :þ

My cgi-bin directory doesn't do autoscaling. 🧐

@telent "someone else's" is the whole point of serverless. So the sticker kinda contradicts itself :-)

@isagalaev if someone's selling you cycles on their servers, seems weird to describe that transaction as "serverless". If I rent my house from a landlord, do they describe it as "homeless"?

@telent the word itself is sure lame, everyone recognizes that. But it's stuck, and the way human language works means it's what we'll be using for a time being.

What's important is that the concept of running stateless code without explicitly managing your own processes is useful and seems to be a good fit for quite a few types of load.

@isagalaev FaaS is a fine idea (though not a new one), agreed - but names are important too, because names reveal intent. Call your service "serverless" hasn't removed your clients need to think about scale/resilience/etc - it just changes the nature of their work from technical to commercial/contractual (supplier due diligence etc)

decoupling concerns is great, but it doesn't make them go away - that's all I'm saying.

@telent agreed. Still, the (unfortunate) name has stuck, and memes against "serverless" are confusing because you can't tell if they mock the name or the technology :-)

@telent  I like it, but it is quite geeky!

@telent The AWS Lambda symbol totally looks like the Half Life logo without the circle around it. Didn't realize it so far.

@njoseph_1 yeah. obviously they're both lambdas ;-) but why they're both orange I really don't know. You'd think someone would have caught that

Me likes that.
Although I kinda like lambda-expressions in general.

@telent I don't really like the design, but the idea is awesome :D

@telent that symbol on the left could also refer to the state of Half-Life 3

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