Tweeting this as a personal rule for future reference: I plan to avoid discussing current events in any capacity unless they have a demonstrably direct bearing on the issues I consider important. And even then I'll exercise restraint on how they're discussed.

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I don't get why people feel the need to comment on literally everything, even stuff which they know barely anything about/have no connection to. All it does is spread your message so thin that each thing you say holds infinitely less weight.

Both Chomsky and Jordan Peterson have done this, and now it's impossible to take them seriously, even in their fields of expertise. They became public intellectuals, and the media circuit kept milking them for comments on every issue under the sun until they were dry.

Sometimes they don't even have to be pushed by another person, look at all these various YTers/e-celebs who decided to foray into the world of politics only to realize when it's too late that they're just going to end up embarassing themselves.

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