Booted up my virtual machine and started trying to remember how in the earth this thing was supposed to work. At least it still starts up.

I'm going to try a bit different approach on making corridors and then branch out to agent based room generation.

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@tuturto do you have a repository of anykind where I can see your Hy games? :D (newbie programmer here) lol

@m455 no problem at all. Most of the (if not all) are with old version of . I haven't gotten around of updating. Party because precious release dropped 'let'. Good news is that next one should have that again, so I probably will update again.

@tuturto oh! if i'm not wrong ( which i have no clue if i am or not) you may be able to replace them all with setv

@tuturto i *think* it does the same thing, but then again i'm a noob at functional programming/programming in general haha

@m455 it's almost the same and usually difference doesn't matter. With nested lets you can shadow a variable without changing the original

(let [a 1]
(let [a 2]
(print a))
(print a))

will print "2 1". Second definition doesn't change value of a in the outer block. Most of the time it's just matter of preference for me though.

@tuturto woa! that's next level stuff that i probably won't need to use yet haha! thanks for letting me know the difference :)

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