Mais non, pfff ! Le phoque Joe !
Puis t'as pas mis le #CW ! :o

Hé ! T'as pas lu les "terms" de ton instance !!? Il t'y est conseillé de mettre un message aussi violent en #CW ! :P

I don't wanna sound stupid (but I guess I will, lol), but what excatly IS the difference between #CW and #NSFW ??

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Sinon, c'est bien bien absurde cette feature où ça reste en #CW même quand tu réponds... 🙄🙃#Mastodon

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Does mastodon parse # and # tags and automatically put blinders on whatever is in that post?

@angristan okii :) (et s'il était possible de mettre toute les media d'une instance en #CW par défaut, ça serait le must o/ )

(merci pour la contrib)

TIL DDR A machines are able to save score screenshots and make them available via the eAMUSEMENT mobile apps.

The upshot is that I might be posting more DDR A score screens in the future. I'll #cw them for those who'd rather not see my shameful Bemani obsession
@maiyannah @tn5421 @moonman for admins, you can filter: # # #
Saw a few educating people on how to tag stuff: even in Japan lolita complex needs to be labeled. Also also (though I see no users ;-;) # # # 
technically technically, shota and loli doesn't imply by itself sexual undertones, but the internet deforms their proper meaning by attribution, like everything. # cannot just be used. I personally use # for material that denotes/implies suggestive, but still legal: content warning. Dunno what else to say, I don't like policing internet content, but I understand [local] legislation. 

Les photos de chats devront désormais être postées avec la mention Content Warning ( #CW ).

I had to report my first user tonight. For not posting a clearly lewd #NSFW behind a #CW.

I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that I only figured out the correct way to use "CW" after having used it already several times. I think it'd be great if the heading box that opens had a prompt that said something like "Type your warning here".
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