oh my god mastodon became twitter in like literally two days Show more

oh my god mastodon became twitter in like literally two days Show more

i specifically joined mastodon thinking it would be a nice social network where randos wouldn't barge into my mentions with unsoliciated advice for strawman arguments but apparently there's only about a 48h buffer there so what's the point


@jfriedhoff mastodon has always been like this (scroll back through my feed and look at literally any post about computer programming). not sure what to do about it. the main benefit is that on mastodon you only get a handful of toots about whatever topic you were talking about instead of threads that go on and on for days where the most important person in the world involved in that topic gets tagged and you get notifications about the whole thing weeks and weeks later

@aparrish yeah. i don't totally know what i expected. i also only got about 3 hours of interrupted sleep last night due to barking, so i think i also just need a nap very badly

@aparrish @jfriedhoff I wonder if being based at a different instance (not mastodon.social) would help? everything I've seen from mastodon.social is very shitty twitter like so far!

@roseveleth @aparrish ah interesting. probably a good call. a nice person just let me know about the "unlisted post" feature, which i bet will help, but i might switch to another instance as well

@jfriedhoff @roseveleth @aparrish I hear that this is a good list of instances to choose from: instances.noct.zone/

Hopefully you find a good one! It’s at least better than the one on joinmastodon.com I think. 😊

@jfriedhoff @roseveleth @aparrish I'm on a small well-moderated instance and it's a lot different from what you're describing. Also possible my toot topics just don't attract as much attention.

@janellecshane @jfriedhoff @aparrish yeah this is one reason I switched over to xoxo.zone from mastodon.social!

@jfriedhoff @aparrish also people with dog opinions KNOW NO TECHNOLOGICAL BOUNDS (we have a rescue we did a billion hours of training with so I feel you on the dog stuff)

@roseveleth @aparrish so true! my trainer specifically told me to get off Dog Internet bc dog people are the worst, and lately i agree. (sending lots of calm and happy vibes to you and your rescue! would love to hear your journey with them sometime)

@jfriedhoff happy vibes to your pupper too! even IRL people are mad judgemental about dogs -- I've found asking very sweetly and innocently "oh, are you a dog trainer? do you have a card?" helps in person

@roseveleth that got a much needed chuckle out of me, gonna keep that in my back pocket

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