Updated the sponsors page. Thank you to the people who sponsor Mastodon!

@Gargron Nice! Maybe it should clarify that ppl contribute X $ per month? B/c otherwise it sounds like they do maybe $40 total per year or something.

This reminds me to up my contribution to a higher level (when I’m not on my phone)!

@Gargron Are there other vectors of payment/sponsorship aside from Patreon? Thinking of advancing a proposal to make a contribution from, but patreon would be a little tricky given our use of opencollective for financial stuff.

@zatnosk @Gargron Both seem designed for recurring donations, whereas this would probably take the form of a one-off. Or do they allow for one-off contributions as well?

@zatnosk @mattcropp @Gargron liberapay accounts are prepaid. So if you want to do a one-time donation you just fund that.

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