The witch leaned over the edge of the deep wishing well, though there was no wish in her heart.

She stared blankly into the inky void, mind fogged and soul drained. As she inhaled the cool, wet air, trying to make sense of everything, the void meeped up at her.

She blinked, drawing up the bucket with haste and scooped the surprisingly dry black kitten into her arms.

"Hello, my little Void," she whispered.

The Void purred back.


@guerrillarain this reminds me of you and Luna for some reason.

looks something went wrong with your at-mentions; maybe forgot to include their instance names?

@FiXato no it's Brutaldon. It sometimes strips them.

(I think it's a combination of the not requiring javascript part and the javascript lookup. I think the javascript lookup actually gets the right thing, and then the non-javascript may reformat it... it also has problems with links if you republish. I'll maybe look at it one day.)

@FiXato and yes I edited that 3 times to try to get it right as it was not right, I finally just gave up, hoping she'd see it.

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