Linux was invented to stop family members from asking you to fix their computer.

When they know your answer is gonna be "Lemme install Linux on it" they don't ask.

@cjd @RyuKurisu Someone needs to confirm this with Linus. I bet he would confess!

LOL it rings true! Though one family member accepted I install Linux on their PC (my dad now 82). Support calls from him nearly dropped to zero. All others I tell "sorry, I no longer know how to troubleshoot Windows, I only use it at work".

Installed Linux on my parents laptop, now it rarely needs any fixing.

@cjd Don't get me wrong, she's smart, but she knows nothing about Linux.

My mom accepted Linux on her computer because she could do pretty much everything she wanted with it, except euchre, and Windows 10 would have killed that old computer

If you don't need to do anything too advanced, Linux can be great for a novice.

My dad complained that one of his friends was unable to open the Word document. Everyone else could. But his friend insisted the file was broken.
Result: his kids were the only ones that had installed MS Office instead of nstalling LibreOffice and renaming the Writer icon to "Word".
The MS Office of that time could not open .ODT files.

@cjd sorry to say that's not working for me: I told everyone: I'll stop supporting Windows with version 7, because I don't own any Win-PC. Two years later my whole family uses various debian distros… not sure if I won or lost tthe game…

@cjd since my family has/was moved from windows 7 to ubuntu the support- requests dropped probably roughly 75% and they seem for some strange reason less afraid of their computer...

@Fellmoon Indeed, Windows has some pretty bad blame-the-user messaging in the UX.

@cjd my guess is the answer is slightly simpler... the've seen me breaking windows 1-2 times a year in my early computer days and seen ransomware and it outages with windows in their workplaces but no idea how often I broke things on linux, lost data because not backups etc ;)

It might be false sense of security but the less fear actually leads to better learning and actually become the more secure user this way^^

@cjd I mean my dad (60+) generally does not like computers but learned to use qtpass and now uses long random passwords just intuitively and that's a kinda big win imho^^

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