I’ve been away from Masto and missing you all. Away from most news & social media generally. Fighting nasty virus of some sort and all I have wanted to do is lie down and read a book. Somehow that felt more comforting and easy than the energy it takes to interact. It meant I haven’t followed bad news online either.

Still sick, but ready to be back now!

@clhendricksbc retreating from the universe is an understandable and appropriate move and one that I've been making with increasing frequency myself

still miss you in my life and super-happy to see you when you reappear


@ShorterPearson I miss you too, and lovely when you're back as well!

I haven't done a lot of retreating from the universe in my life, but this past week I found it really a needed and restful thing to do. My book wasn't about current events, I didn't have to talk to it, and it didn't care if I felt awful and put it down so I could stare at the wall.

@clhendricksbc @ShorterPearson I was just thinking about retreat when I came across this post. I always feel like the world is telling me not to quit. It says to run to rather than away from things. But the best (and hardest) decisions I've ever made involve retreat... Knowing when to retreat is a fine thing indeed!

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