I’ll make my icon set available on my portfolio eventually. Until then, this shot over on Dribbble is a teaser: dribbble.com/shots/7099484-Lov

📝 We ran into a fun little bug because we used JavaScript’s `reduce` wrong. Don’t be like us:


📝 What you know can help others. Share your knowledge, no matter how obvious you think it is! islovely.co/posts/what-do-i-kn

Hello together!

If you think “hello together” is English, you are probably German. If you want to improve your English, I’ll show you how over on hellotogether.academy. Till soon!*

(*Also not English.)

Still tweaking (and will keep tweaking forever), but I much prefer the look and feel of these lighter icons.

Now I am wondering if all of those need to go on a “notifications”-screen, or if mentions are sufficient. You can always get to your boosts and favorites via the associated toot, and to your follows via your profile. Aggregating mentions on a dedicated screen could be helpful.

Mastodon-notifications come with one of four possible types: “favourite”, “follow”, “mention”, and “reblog” (which is what “boosting” is called in the API).

I just spent a solid 20 minutes troubleshooting why Xcode kept complaining about not being able to decode the Mastodon-notifications despite the same code working somewhere else.

Turns out I spelled them “notificatons” on one line.

Hi I do this for a living, does anyone need an app.

Where are we at with full color- vs line-icons on iOS? I am not happy with how those came out, but it does reflect the current “Apple style” if you compare them to Apple Music and the App Store.

Had a pretty chill Friday yesterday until someone told me it was Thursday.

Had a pretty chill Thursday yesterday.

My little Mastodon client’s got a long way to go. I am mega happy with where I’m at after day 1. 💪

A few tiny constraints and this is already much nicer. Still with the funky markup, unfortunately.

Alright so I still have to figure out Auto Layout and Stack Views, but this is a solid first try. So funky that the Mastodon-API returns HTML instead of leaving presentation up to the consumers of the API.

There are still punny names for Mastodon-clients out there that have not been used yet! The name of mine will have more…

( •_•)
( •_•)>⌐■-■



You’ll get it when I tell you about it, which will probably be soon?

Basically all steps of any new project are hard, but coming up with a good name for it is, well, also a step.

Cooper is helping me by chewing on his blanket. On his trampoline. Dude’s got a good life.

Baby steps, but: countries grouped by region, multi-line labels (MUCH easier than I remember this to be just a few years ago). Turns out SVG in UIKit is… not a thing? Skipping flags then.

Swift-milestone achieved: read data from an API (restcountries.eu here) and display it in custom UITableViewCells. 🎉

In learning a new programming language, I find it most difficult to know what to skip and what to take a closer look at. I don’t need to learn what loops and conditionals are for the twentieth time, but I do need to learn how they are different in Swift.

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