help, please: I've been asked about government-led projects, and their best practices.

not an area I know much about these days: who would be good people/organisations to talk to about current work in this area?

thanks for any pointers

@glynmoody I recommend @jamesvasile and his colleague Karl Fogel at Open Tech Strategies who have a ton of experience in this area.

It has been slow to observe, but the 'government digital service' has promoted 'open document format':

@glynmoody Hello! My firm (Open Tech Strategies) has done a lot of this with a variety of gov agencies. It's a complex area with unique constraints and I'd be happy to talk to you about some of it and try point you at folks doing it well.

@jamesvasile thanks very much; this isn't for me, but for an academic research project looking into the question (and nothing to do with me, but I'm trying to hehlp). do you have an email I could pass on to them so they can follow up?

@glynmoody GDS ( have been big on an "open by default" approach, an example being which is at complete with instructions for spinning up your own instance

@glynmoody, they've been a radical force, very interesting approach

@glynmoody you will get many hints at the free software foundation website
use ethics, do libre and not just open source

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