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Confession: I am still brainwashed by social networks. I've avoided the SEO or social media blogs & experts and yet I think like a marketer when it comes to my posts. I just posted a bunch of stuff about to birb site because I thought it would be seen by more people. WHY DO I EVEN CARE? WHAT IS IT THAT I WANT TO HAPPEN WITH THOSE POSTS?

I'm not a brand. . We are a pack species. We need each other, not exposure, clicks, or likes. Relationships are not a commodity.

Is there a mastodon for podcasts...hmm.

This space has actually been really good for me. So much is happening inside of it all at once, and a lot of it involves people making things and sharing what they're working on or talking about things they appreciate.

I've met a lot of hilarious, thoughtful, creative people whose passions and frustrations and anxieties wind in every direction around my timeline.

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I should really join Diaspora. Those ideas of hosting my own haven't happened in the last 5+ years. I should just find one to join.

Canadian cable companies are trying to stop people from using set top Android boxes because of open source add-ons for Kodi.

As a person who needs money for food and shelter, I understand the desire to protect my work from piracy. However, as a consumer I want to consume media when I have the time with ease. I don't want locked down files, I don't want to subscribe to 120 different services.

We need a new model, cable companies need to adjust. Until then:

If I was an AI assistant:
Hello how can I disappoint you today?

The world needs more Riker's Beard gifs.

My greatest fear isn't spiders, snakes, or drowning. I'm terrified I have no worth. What's behind that? Is it connected to a fear of death? Can I say that when I wanted to commit suicide? Here's a blog post about all this and Ray Bradbury.

Long, long ago, I built personality tests designed to go viral on what we called β€œthe blogosphere”. That same mechanism was used to harvest personal data from 50M Americans. Here’s how.

Anyone ever use Phoenix OS? Thinking of trying it on my unused Nexus 10 tablet.

Edited a sauce packet for
I'll just have to get the show notes done and then onto another episode of edits. We're coming up on number 100 soon.
I have an idea to celebrate which will require some more editing.
However, today I may be done. Tired me is tired.

ME: Don't forget to promote the podcast!
MY MIND: So much for live listeners. Stupid, stupid, me.
ME: Don't forget to promote the podcast!
[co-host or guest become unavailable to do scheduling issues]
MY MIND: Give up! You suck.
ME: Don't listen to that! It's talking.
MY MIND: I mean isn't it you talking?
ME: Well...
MY MIND: So, which voice do you listen to when there's really only one voice?
ME: Sorry there's no live podcast tonight, I have a headache.

If you're in the market for DNS freedom, you should definitely ditch & then visit to pick some fresh, homegrown, local, open DNS servers.

Shout out to anyone who is donating infrastructure to run these backbones of a free and open internet.

"What if nobody ever told you that bullets fly straight?"

I'd say you enjoyed watching the Matrix?

Tonight we review Wanted on Film Frown with our friend @cuibonobo!

Listen at 6pm PDT, 7pm MTN, 8pm CDT, 9pm EDT.

A clan of weaver assassins was born in a monastery. This is what I'm learning from Wanted.

Watching it for tomorrow night's Film Frown podcast live.

Super glad I went to writing for recovery again. The challenges presented in the group bring our the creativity and fiction inside me that remains hidden from my articles.

@kai do you have the search feature now that upgraded?