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"I can't convince my friends to come to because it is too complicated to set up!"


"We need a decentralized federated replacement!"

2 different issues. We don't need something at the scale of Facebook. Mastodon and federation work because it is people coming together in instances that connect to other communities, think neighborhoods to cities to provinces. It took a long time to build these nations, give Masto time to create more shared interest instances.

Presoaking a stain because I am a baller.

Wanted a story about assassins and it's not the Matrix. We're reviewing it live right now.

Tomorrow night Film Frown is live at 7pm MTN, 9pm EDT. We talk about the retelling of in the film Wanted.
You find out your anxiety is a super power.
Your bio-daddy is evil.
Rats are your friends.
You heal in a tank.
Same story more or less with cars instead of spaceships.

Interesting to see people calling for Canada to speak out against the US concentration camps for children. Unfortunately, I think Trudeau the new oil baron has made it clear on where he stands ethically.

I haven't been good about it lately but blogging is such a Good Thing. I have a few years of my life now where I organized and documented my thoughts, and it's so incredibly valuable to me. (And maybe sometimes other people, too!)

We can't help but notice you didn't use our serfdom, the App Store, to get this application. Are you sure you want to install this and deny us our pound of flesh?

Sad I never found time to try my hand in the @pixelfed logo contest, but I'm excited to have gotten a number of tasks completed for my upcoming podcast. I can't without share it here and even interview some of the amazing people I've had the pleasure of interacting with here on

This is one of the best reads in the last year. Frightening. Google, Facebook and Amazon are diverting users through apps and hardware to "bypass the Web." This way they "have more authority over data traffic."

The Majority Illusion present in social networks. Research from the University of Southern California.

Tags are useful. Categories can be useful. I'm not sure how to organize the future forum. I just want people to help each other, but I don't know that I necessarily need a forum category for each issue. Hmm.

So, do most peeps use Filezilla for sFTP and FTP? I felt like I had some nice options in MacOS, but Windows, not so much.

The middle button on my Pebble 2 lost its click. โ˜น๏ธ

Can I have a domain name pointing somewhere else and make a subdomain using that name hosted with me...Sounds doable right?

I suppose I can test this with my old blog which points to tumblr...

here goes nothing.

Registration will re-open for a few hours tonight (about 5 hours from now). Anyone who reserved a username previously will be added before registration re-opens.

Great meeting was great!

The new podcast logo development is on track. I'm super excited for this collaboration. It's got my creative spark firing.

Lost Transformers episode: Corebus was a robot that changed into a bus. Thus, all the autobots hated him because even people who *are* vehicles themselves despise public transit despite the good it does.

Err, and also scared to say to my spouse, "Hey can I pay a friend $500 for a logo even though we've been surviving paycheck to paycheck?


I'm just talking to the designer this week. I don't have to spend any money. I just have to be honest with her and my spouse. Maybe it doesn't get designed/purchased until next month, or the month after.

I'm basically just activating the that has decimated my self-worth for years.