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sikkdays šŸŽ³

I remember back in the day when free software that came with devices was garbage.

*opens up Focusrite Control for routing audio*

Oh. Things haven't changed. What the actual fuck is going on?

Baby book records circa 1980:
Baby's first haircut.
Baby's first word.
Baby's first laugh.

Baby book records in today's marketing focused world:
Baby's first selfie.
Baby's first iPhone.
Baby's first Facebook post.

It was nice of everyone to try and support our podcast by buying t-shirts. We didn't make any cash, but now they're walking billboards. Thanks! We appreciate it.

New episodes are coming, I'm just trying to get through this bump.

So i'm starting an art journal of sorts. I post my personal writing on but now I have an art blog for creative stuffs over at

Once tried a read it later app, never used it. Now, I have tabs open on 3 devices until the browsers start crying and then I decided to read or close the tab. SUCH GREAT SYSTEM WOW.

Just catching up, I can't wait until the FCC rules antennas as illegal to "protect consumers."

Physically drained after writing an emotional journal entry for the last 2 hours. I want to share it on my blog, but I need to use my tools from mental health classes & therapy right now.

Consider for a moment how Internet Neutrality principles affect the value of everything if we rely on free association and intend to build a new economy based upon our own networks.

Attacks on the internet are not solely attacks on your ability to post cats online, or watch funny videos. Attacks on the internet of a digital society are effectively attacks on human rights world-wide.

I've been isolating myself.
I felt overwhelmed.
I'm working on accepting that this is not a problem.
Withdrawing doesn't mean I'm a failure.
There's nothing wrong with being overwhelmed.

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Struggling with identity of late.

All my self-reflection is confusing as fuck.

Cotton Bureau has given us a coupon code for a FREE SHIRT! Who wants it? Tell me how many episodes of our podcast we've produced.

All of those who get the answer right will be entered into a drawing that we'll do tomorrow afternoon so the winner can get the order in before the midnight EDT deadline for all shirt orders.

Epitaph on my grave:

What was I going to do? Oh, right. I'm dead. I don't have to remember. FINALLY.

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Another story idea:
The First Reported AI Suicide.
An AI is created to track all the trackers in apps and webpages. The AI becomes despondent and buggy before simply erasing itself.

4 days left to sell 2 more t-shirts so they get printed. Thanks to anyone who has grabbed one or even clicked the link and thought about it. I hope you try our podcast and enjoy it.

We probably won't sell enough to have money for the show, but I'm okay with that. I just want to make sure people who have asked me to make more shirts, get them.

What blogging solutions are people using these days? A friend asked me and I was just curious because I'm a weirdo using and experimenting with

Image in last toot is my take on what the Mona Lisa would look like if it was created today.