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@Gargron I'm not sure how much longer that will be a possibility. Big Data Googs keeps closing things off. Could you download a different keyboard to get the emoji?

Under Capitalism, things that should be a given which are necessary for life - like affection, a purpose in life, self-esteem, even a home and food -are all made transient and conditional, always having to be rented at best, and reliant on our dwindling ability to work. Everything solid melts into air.

Heh. Probably not the smartest thing to do- monkey with my @GetSkylark server when it also runs my personal calendar. Haha. 🙃

@munin @twitter It's funny that we say that. I agree, but it is funny because North America is woefully behind when it comes to internet speeds. I remember hearing an interview with an author who wrote a book on it. South Korea and Sweden are far better and cheaper.

@ink_slinger So true. So many Condos I've seen downtown are trying to attract young professionals, so they do stupid things like add iPhone docks to the bathroom instead of giving people actual square footage or quality construction.

Today's café story isn't something I overheard. Instead, I can see a Macbook with a sticker covering the Apple logo that says "Me."

That's hilarious. To be fair, it looks like there is smaller text, but I can't help but laugh. It's like if I had a T-shirt that said, "Yes, I am white and privileged, ask me about it and if I feel like it, I'll tell you about it."

@jk That's pretty much my entire Instagram account. Heh.

@sanspoint Too bad. @cphuntington97 won't commute. He detests trains, I think.

Is there a national car day?

"Remember, this Friday is ! Even if you have nowhere to go, Get in your car and idle all day. Let's see that smog to show you care. Unless you hate jobs, America and you don't support the soldiers you socialist, satanic terrorist baby killer."

@deadsuperhero Would ethical consumption be subjective? A vegan would have a different example than a vegetarian who eats eggs and cheese, for example.

@MOKKA Hey, this is a nice status update. I'm so used to reading you stressing about work. Glad to see you doing something outside and enjoying yourself.

@deadsuperhero Ha. You're forgetting quality TV like Nighthawk, Knightrider, Dukes of Hazzard, A-Team and Seaquest DSV. 😅

Remember when there were other genres on TV besides reality and superhero?

500 errors look to be fixed thanks to @Gargron. Hit this page to say thanks

@cphuntington97 @lnxw48a1 Hmm. I was with you except I was thinking Mortal Combat.

@dajbelshaw No. I tried a friend's OnePlus and loved it. Certainly always wanted to get hardware like that, but my last phone is a lower end Motorola & it does the job fine. I'm kind of reverting back to using a phone for phoning & messaging & laptop for everything else.