2.5 hrs in, and @Loa is still very into The Witcher. Does seem like he's enjoying the game quite a lot.

Come check it out, if you like. Lurkers are welcome too.

🔴Live! Coffee and gaming, Join @Loa for some derpy yawning gaming. Playing The Witcher @

Stream about to go live, get in here!
Co-op Thursday \o/ Both me and @Loa today, for more Path of Exiles!

🔴Live! Super early morning stream! First playthrough of The Witcher game. Join @Loa playing on

Going to broadcast myself editing a script and recording a new role playing podcast I’m working on after dinner.

(Eating now)

#Podcast #Stream #Twitch #Roleplaying #Writing

Day off, which means I can feed my CrackDew Valley addiction!! Stream time!

As usual, playing some music while I'm setting up stream, and waiting for people to arrive.

Gonna be streaming some speedrun practice over on my Twitch channel at an ungodly early morning hour!

We are having a lot of fun with this Witcher game! Lots of laughter!

🔴 Morning music! Before we play some Witcher!! (By we I mean @Loa )

First play through! Excited \o/

come join, hang out, banter, laugh!

Still playing StarDew Valley! Towards the end of my first season :o Come hang out if you want

After finishing DarkStar One, @Loa is moving on to play some Protoss in today! (SC2)

🔴Live! Morning stream with @Loa on our channel! Who loves spacesims??
come join

Comme de temps en temps, j'ai l'envie fugace de streamer quand je joue à un jeu... et là, je remarque (avec un temps de retard hallucinant) que la PS4 a twitch intégré à l'interface de la console, donc sans les galères de configuration, ça donne envie d'essayer. reste la crainte du 0 spectateurs qui me hante depuis les deux seules fois où j'avais essayé de partager un truc en direct sur le net ^^" D'où ma question : Est-ce que y'a des witches qui aiment zieuter des let's play et est-ce que ça vous intéresserait certains soirs de zieuter des runs sur des jeux comme Rogue Legacy, Binding of isaac ou même Overwatch avec @Plumy si ça la tente ? #twitch

Had a rough morning... but... stream time

Time for some more CrackDew Valley!

🔴Live! Morning @Loa stream time! Continuing my Darkstar One playthrough.

Twitch is currently having some sitewide issues, so if you can't connect to my stream properly that's why.

You can still come and hang out in chat with @Loa and me, while I'm having a break! (eating a little).

Playing StarDew Valley tonight!