You know whats awesome about the fediverse?

Developers working together. This isn't a competition. Everyone wins.

@dansup and anyone writing an activitypub application instantly has about 2 million users rather than starting from 0

@kaniini I am using GIthub pages for the website. I didn't think cloudflare would be an issue, I turned down security to "essentially off". I am investigating OVH for DDoS protection when the site launches.

@dansup you care more about privacy than Gargron, his site has 2 trackers, yours only has Cloudflare :)

@kaniini I don't need or care about analytics, I will disable it for the github pages website now.

@Gargron @dansup

sorry, i was talking about

which according to uMatrix has 2 active trackers.

@kaniini @dansup Okay but they're not mine, they're medium's. I intend to move from medium

@Gargron @dansup

that's true. i was being facetious anyway, i know you're one of the good guys. ❤️
@ptolemeaus @dansup @Gargron

there is already plume for that, but it's not ready for primetime yet

Did not looked it, does it support the comment, highlighting and reply system - those hold me back to drop medium
@dansup @Gargron


Someone please explain to me. AFAIK ActivityPub is a transmission protocol, not a storage one, right? You just send stuff to your outbox and the server resends it to your followers, but a blog is not simply a buffer of ephemeral stream entries. It's more like a permanent storage, with date search functions, etc.

So... how do we federate that? Can anone explain?

@gargron @dansup @ptolemeaus

@rick_777 @ptolemeaus @dansup @Gargron

ActivityPub C2S is a storage protocol.

ActivityPub S2S is a transmission protocol.

Mastodon and Pleroma use a combination of both for all features to work.

@ptolemeaus @dansup @gargron @kaniini

I think that if we want to federate web storage, we might need to install a whole new software in each federated server - BESIDES Mastodon or Pleroma or whatever - , so that users can retrieve the blog from their local instance, right?

Or am I making a fundamental mistake?

@rick_777 @Gargron @dansup @ptolemeaus

no. the blog post can be an Article activity. plume is working this way. i wouldn't use mastodon or pleroma for this, at least not right now.

@kaniini @gargron @dansup @ptolemeaus

If I'm right, I think we need a "Mastodon for webpages", and AFAIK there's no such thing yet. I'd LOVE to be wrong, of course.


I've heard of plume, but it seems to me that it's specifically for blogs. It doesn't seem to cover full static webpages (html, css, js). If they can manage to pull it off, I'd be delighted.

However, I think we still need something more low level; a federated web storage framework upon which we can base other things.

@gargron @dansup @ptolemeaus

@rick_777 @ptolemeaus @dansup @kaniini Low level things don't need federation... Static websites are already decentralized

Eugene, mind explaining further? I don't think I quite understand. Are you saying static websites CAN be decentralized by uploading them to several servers, or are you saying Mastodon DOES that already?

@kaniini @dansup @ptolemeaus

@rick_777 @gargron static websites are federated because anyone can selfhost or find someone (among thousands of companies) that will host a webpage for you.
And the storage doesn't need to be standardized for everyone to access it, just the transport protocol - and luckily the HyperText Transport Protocol (http) is pretty widely adopted.

But if you want webpages that are hosted more peer2peer that the traditional federation of the web, then take a look at Dat.


My point is that one thing is to be able to upload/rehost content, but that didn't make the content federated. We need a way to a) Federate that content in real-time after a change is published, and b) to verify that I was the one who published that change.
What I'm suggesting here is multiple copies of a website rehosted and authenticated via ActivityPub or other protocol, so that you can browse your local instance and not have to depend on a single point of failure.

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And yet, things like ZeroNet, FreeNet etc. are cumbersome to set up because they're peer to peer; so for simple websites it's all or nothing. Federation via networked servers (something like a federated CDN) would be the middle ground.

@ptolemeaus @Gargron @kaniini @dansup a decentralised medium is a blog. If you want a medium-like editor you can use

Nope a blog is not connected to other blogs by default, besides RSS there is no ecosystem as with mastadon and the I miss the interactive features of medium.
@Gargron @kaniini @dansup

Thanks need more time to dive in to this, in combination with it would be awesome.
@Gargron @kaniini @dansup

@ptolemeaus @Gargron @kaniini @dansup I have a simpler idea for that too - - linking to the text directly, and using webmention to display

@dansup @kaniini I don't see any advantage of Cloudflare at all when you use GitHub Pages. GitHub pages already uses a CDN, AND they offer HTTPS even for custom domains, so you may just step away from Cloudflare.

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