ActivityPub can be confusing and/or hard to test or develop against.

I started a new side project called FediDB to help Pixelfed and other implementations debug federation issues.

It will be launching soon, need to test DMs and Federated Stories in Pixelfed 😅

I'm eager to work with other projects on this!

@dansup great! It will be very useful, thank you :)

@dansup that's dope!
BTW, do you have some nodes I can test federation against from

@charlag Hoping to get this running today, will let you know!

@dansup This looks awesome. I am working on a federated question/answer platform, (#fediQuest), which could definitely benefit from this. I had to dig into the Mastodon sources on occasion and modify my Mastodon instance to log more verbosely in order to test things like HTTP signatures before, being able to easily test that Create, Follow, Like etc. activities work correctly and can be seen/accepted by 3rd party servers would make the process much more pleasant.

I'd gladly be an early tester.

@dansup I appreciate all the hard work and effort that goes into all the non-commercial software I use and enjoy on a daily basis.

@drq @dansup oh that's nice to have, actually. I've already had too many hard to debug issues, like that "I forgot Content-Type" thing. And I haven't even started with groups.

(except I'm still not convinced I want DMs in my implementation)

That's very nice. I am trying to make activitypub support in Hubzilla better and have some test platform would be very nice.

Anyway @dansup @dansup , do you have any documentation about the story post type?
@dansup Thanks! I will love to implement this on Hubzilla.
@dansup XMPP complicance checker but for ActivityPub?

@dansup This or why I installed pleroma on my phone… (I also wanted something were I could simulate a connection cut)

@dansup @forgefed Wanted to make sure you were aware of this project. :)

@dansup Ooh btw, could this also work for AP C2S? Because that's a very untested area of the fediverse right now with a huge lack of software (There's basically Kroeg, AndStatus, PleromaBE).

@lanodan Yes, the plan is to support C2S eventually!

@dansup Great! You have to absolutely ping me when that's more or less done. :D

@dansup I will work on a new project using ActivityPub in the following months, it will be definitively useful. 🙂


long waiting for DM & text only post.

so I migrate from masto to pixelfed


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