bet: the link to this tweet won't work in two years

This is going to look even sillier when Musk triggers a mass Twitter exodus

@Gargron Haha, @jaffathecake could have deleted the account to win, no?
But it seems just to be a ghost account now.

@Gargron @jaffathecake Couldn't he have used "Delete & re-draft" to win?

@jaffathecake the app is open source and decentralised, so if goes down eventually if it catches on communities can remain. Which is a strength twitter does not have.

@ada I'm with you, but still—source code is just part of the equation: Twitter is 99% content, here too, one's profile, toots, connections... @jaffathecake

@ada If goes down, @jaffathecake wins his bet even if other Mastodon instances continue to exist. … But that's probably not the way he intends to win.

@jyasskin @jaffathecake I am glad that stopped accepting registrations so this will be the test to see if other instances start up.

@jaffathecake imma take that bet. Wager: All the beers you or I can drink in a night. 🍻

@jaffathecake Two years have passed, you lost the bet.

(And yes I came through a link but whatever)

@nitesh @jaffathecake I think coming through a link only enhances the original wrongness :)

@jaffathecake hey fun fact—this link still works but Inbox, an app I rely on extensively as part of my daily workflow, will be gone by this time next year.

isn't the web fun?

@nightpool aw that's a fuckin bummer to have found that out this way. rip inbox

@jaffathecake "never heard of mastodon" ... "Oh I have an account"

@jaffathecake I have to admit that Mastodon has been consistent all these years. Maybe it is really worth a try...
Especially if it will decuple its user base in the next weeks.

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