OnionShare 2 adds anonymous dropboxes, supports new Tor addresses, and is translated into a dozen new languages

@graffen sorry about that. Publishing to PPAs is slow, but it should be available now

@micahflee The Linux packaging choices used here puzzle me.... Tor Browser's portable bundles make installation a lot easier & more accessible. What are the reasons for packaging OS differently?

@n8 Linux distros generally package software themselves, not the software developers, and every distro is different so it's a confusing mess, and basically you have to wait for your distro to catch up. Tor Browser isn't actually "packaged", it's portable (which OnionShare isn't at the moment).

However maybe it would be worth packaging using which is supported in many distros

@micahflee I am intimately familiar with how packaging on Linux distros work, going back many years. I was specifically asking why OnionShare does not use the portable-app format like TBB does.

@n8 there's an issue to make a portable version of OnionShare, but it will require some work:

OnionShare puts files in multiple places (like ~/.config/onionshare, ~/OnionShare, etc.), and would need to be redesigned to contain everything in a single folder.

Also, to make it portable we'd have to bundle deps with the app like we do for Windows and Mac instead of just listing dependency packages, which is a large project itself. (Not to mention deal with multiple archs)

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