*gesturing around*
Savor it folks, this is what it's like to witness the birth of a new social network
*shitposting everywhere, servers keep crashing, everyone's a furry*
and it's just as beautiful as a human birth

@lmorchard this site feels so much like message boards I frequented in 2004 that I swear someone brought it back in a time machine

@nolan Once upon a time, I worked on - and someday I should tell stories about when a) fandom found us and b) a blog network used us as a database for their ad network

@lmorchard That sounds fascinating. I would love to read that.

BTW one thing I like about this place: if ever does get overrun with ads/spam: bam, just migrate everyone over to a new instance. (Not easy, but hey, at least it's possible.)

@lmorchard yeah the tech this is built on is quite old i have a github repo that implements ostatus from 7 years ago

@kodo Yeah, I've idly poked at all the tech under this thing, but never quite for jazzed about it because it seemed not to have a lot of folks using it

@lmorchard people say it's the federation that makes this place. I keep saying it's the user experience. the federation is just a feature. people don't care about the tech stack.

@nolan I'm not seeing why "everyone's a furry" is a bad thing here?

@Nezchan oh believe me I love the furries; it's the scalies that creep me out

@nolan nah, it's objectively LESS shitposty and furry now than it was.

@Lanthus yeah I'm just getting nostalgic for the early days

@nolan same honestly. Especially since we got 8,000 new users who post like NPCs.

@Lanthus I barely look at the federated timeline anymore. I think this is how the site is intended to be used?

@nolan It's doubly fascinating when you've been around for half a year and THEN IT BEGINS.

@zatnosk @nolan

So Jonas, Are you running a Mastodon instance?

@20Hz Yes, I'm running a (currently) two-person instance here on The other person never toots, though :P

@zatnosk Cool! I am thinking of running one now. Not sure yet.

@nolan you think this is the critical mass for mastodon to finally be considered 'birthed'? It's been around for a while, at what user count/activity is it considered real social media :o

@lolkat Eugen just closed registrations to, so seems we're at some kind of peak

@nolan I mean I think it's a very wise stop gap that VC-backed social media companies don't have the luxury (or desire) to do. Gives me hope for this platform and looking forward to witness the community and culture that it spawns. I wonder if rather than a birthing of a social media platform it's a birthing of a new style of platform?

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