I see a lot of people complaining about how "RSS readers went away." It's a bit baffling, because they didn't. You just stopped using them 🤷

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@nyquildotorg my problem was that most, if not most, rss feeds were discontinued after Google killed off Google Reader.

@borup maybe this is true with the feeds you subscribed to, but I took my Google Reader OPML export and loaded it into inoreader and still have basically the same experience. I'm sure some of them have gone away, but it's still way more than I could ever keep up with.

@nyquildotorg there are lots of rss feeds for sure. The ones I miss are the mayor news outlets in Denmark.

@skipfordj @nyquildotorg they were mostly made inaccessible when the media houses stopped having public facing drupal sites.

@borup @nyquildotorg Right, but my question is are they still accessible, just hidden?

@nyquildotorg @skipfordj @borup I would be surprised if they were totally gone. Lots of the aggregators and platforms publishers want to be in rely on RSS - Google News, MSN news etc. The only reason to dump RSS is if you’re going subscriber-only, when you have to make an effort to make personal, subscriber-specific feeds.

@borup @nyquildotorg Very few sites I follow don't support RSS. It's a built-in feature of most CMS systems, so it's generally there without anyone trying. I've only found a few narrow categories where it isn't supported, I suspect cryptocurrency sites intentionally disable it, for instance.

@borup @nyquildotorg As a die-hard RSS user, I agree that sites these days aren't as good about supporting RSS as they should be.

I've been using RSS-Bridge for a bit now, and it's good.

@borup @nyquildotorg Yeah, the destruction of Google Reader was a huge turning point for RSS feeds and their use. :( It makes me so sad because it's so obvious that when people log into social media, what they're really after is an RSS feed. Some of them even think that's what they're getting and don't know that it's a highly manipulative algorithm.

My mum is continually trying to show me stuff she's just seen on Facebook and then as she's turning her tablet to show me it all reloads and the post has disappeared for ever.

@borup @nyquildotorg I've found that most sites still have rss feeds, they just don't advertise them. Visiting site/rss.xml or feed.xml tends to generally work.

..and that's the problem. If only the people who consciously look for it can even find feeds, then more and more website operators are even aware of RSS' existence.

Case in point: I'm finding increasing amounts of things which call themselves podcasts but are actually just audio widgets on some website, sometimes with a download button.
Another point: I'm also finding RSS feeds that exist because the website template had them but were never configured to work well.
@borup @nyquildotorg

also: I never used Google Reader because to me that nullified 90% of the benefit of RSS: it meant thaz Google knew exactly who's reading what, when RSS was designed to follow websites without registering.

Have always been using local readers built into e-mail clients etc.

More recently, #fraidycat has been one of my favourites -- including for some websites that don't provide RSS or Atom feeds.
@borup @nyquildotorg

@nyquildotorg Browsers used to indicate if a site offered an RSS feed. that went away. and with it public access.

@nyquildotorg They never went away. I've been using newsboat for years. What folk mean is they didn't jump out the screen so they don't exist. It's called being too lazy to bother looking. 🙄

@JustineSmithies in my experience, what most of them mean is Google Reader went away

@nyquildotorg I still use them, but I miss Firefox having the live bookmarks which were my preferred way. Many readers require logins to track you.

And these days many feeds are just short links that won't display properly in a reader, or some sites don't have them (you have to jump through many hoops to get it crawled and follow), and many big sites do have feeds but do their best to not advertise the feature, which contributes to fewer and fewer people using (or even knowing) about RSS.

@nyquildotorg people likely only ever knew about Google Reader, and a lot of the content they probably want to look at (youtube, Facebook, Twitter) very deliberately no longer offers RSS feeds even though quite a few of them did at one point

@Canageek YouTube very much still offers RSS. You are right about the rest, though.

@nyquildotorg like others I agree that many people relied specifically on Google reader which did cease to exist. I was never a RSS person tho.

@nyquildotorg Same as xmpp "went away". Bigtech stopped supporting the open standards which could not easily be monopolized or which didn't enable targeted advertising.

@nyquildotorg @kensanata I’m more saddened that Twitter, Facebook and more and more sites don’t offer feeds

@aymm @nyquildotorg @kensanata
You can generate rss feeds from those. offers that, and a few other places. I can’t remember the one I use for twitter offhand tho 😳

@antijingoist @nyquildotorg @kensanata My host (inoreader) can do Twitter and Facebook. Used to use RSS-Bridge, but it sadly is too unreliable for these two

@aymm @nyquildotorg @kensanata Oh,

It'll do mastodon api -> rss, but i don't think it lets you pick only public posts so..... 🤷🏻

@nyquildotorg I take it usually to mean "RSS died as a quasi-community", not that the technology itself somehow went away.

RSS only exists now for people who actively seek it out and might as well be completely gone for the rest; hence the userbase and support will only ever be shrinking as time goes on

@nyquildotorg It's similar with Gemini, the *protocol* itself will never "go away" in the literal sense, but its popularity might eventually fade (or not!) and with it the number of Gemini sites

It's "Technology as binaries you can run" vs "Technology as the entire ecosystem of things it allows people to do"

@nyquildotorg people want an RSS reader that does all the work for them these days, it needs to pick new content based on their previous subscriptions and click-through rates of articles

they want an AIRSS reader (this whole post exists because AIRSS sounds a little like "arse")

@nyquildotorg I get your point but I feel like the underlying issue is nobody provides RSS feeds themselves. You can't get a feed from Youtube or Twitter or Tiktok or Instagram and those are the websites that people actually use.

@stolas_mk2 YouTube does offer RSS. You are right about the rest, though.

@nyquildotorg RSS readers did go away, at least some of them. Think of RSS support in browsers, for example.

@nyquildotorg Still annoyed at Mozilla for watching google try to kill RSS and just kinda shrugging and going right along with it

@ifixcoinops @nyquildotorg Well, they do get paid half a billion dollars by them every year, so… 🤷‍♂️

@ifixcoinops @nyquildotorg Thunderbird supports RSS feeds. I'm subscribed to just one, and I don't find it convenient - might be a matter of that particular feed (no content, just links to the latest entries on the website), and maybe other readers are better 🤷‍♂️

@fiee @ifixcoinops @nyquildotorg I used Thunderbird for this too and in my experience it’s just the feed doing that. Most of the ones I subscribed to had the actual content. One was just a link. To be fair these were ad supported and generally the content did not include ads so provided rss in this way did not support the sites—but it is the sites defining the feed so 🤷‍♂️

@dlek @fiee @ifixcoinops I decided a long time ago that I preferred my RSS reader to just show headlines and then when I click them, open the actual page that it came from instead of displaying any of the data from the feed. This works astoundingly well on my Galaxy Fold.

@dlek @fiee @ifixcoinops I used to work in the early mobile app space, making "branded" RSS readers. We did the first Wall Street Journal and Forbes apps, and they basically just ingested the feeds. But most clients had feed issues, so I developed a system that could take in a malformed feed with or without full content and spit out a full-text feed for use inside the app.

This may or may not be why I just want to open original links now, lol

@dlek @fiee @ifixcoinops I like to joke that the only feeds that are valid feeds are the ones I made by hand, because "RSS" is a hodgepodge of different specs that people mix & match parts of into their feed. Making an RSS reader that can handle all the bonkers things people who build feeds do can be a real challenge.

@dlek @fiee @ifixcoinops I spent so much time looking at "RSS" feeds, that I got to the point where I could just read the raw xml to discover what's wrong with them. People would walk by and see my huge monitor completely covered in black screen with white "code" all over it, many were like "it's like you're looking at The Matrix!"

@nyquildotorg same with irc and all noncorporate internet. y'all just on your phones on insta and tiktok, we're all still here

@nyquildotorg Finding the RSS feed is a lot harder now, I find. still has them, for example, but you'd not know unless you knew.

And IME lots of places no longer support RSS now

@lanodan @nyquildotorg same, i really liked it, but i subscribed to too much stuff and i got overwhelmed and dropped it lol

@nyquildotorg too few people know about torrent tracker with RSS feed that auto download specified searches with regex to exclude some results

Best thing since sliced bread. my youtube subscribe list is a bunch of rss feeds and i didn't even knew

@nyquildotorg also Newsblur is a NEW rss reader. There are also lots of feeds to grab. Granted, you cant just take for granted that every site will have an rss feed.

The door charge used to be free, though. Nowadays, users need to be familiar with tools such as rss-bridge to get the same value.

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